Beta Phi Delta is rushing for Spring quarter. Our next event will be Alpha Kappa Rush, Spring 2018. A schedule of events is available on our homepage. In the meantime, feel free to explore the site and learn more about our great fraternity and/or feel free to contact for more information. If you would like to apply to become part of the Alpha Kappa Pledge Class of Beta Phi Delta, here is our Rush Application!


What is Rush?
Rush is the process by which Greek organizations recruit new members. Rush usually takes place during two weeks each Fall and Spring, when a number of different recruitment activities held. The point of rush is to get to know what the fraternity or sorority is all about, and to get to know the brothers and/or sisters.

What is Pledging?
Pledging is the process by which potential members learn about the history and the workings of a Greek organization. It is also the process by which Greek organizations can consider whether a potential member is a right fit for the fraternity or sorority.

Will Pledging make my grades go down?
Not necessarily. Beta Phi Delta puts an emphasis on the importance of academics, the whole reason we are here at college. Our network of scholars are all willing to go out of their way to help potential members with their schoolwork. Some Betas have pledged while taking over 20 units and have still maintained high GPAs.

What are the requirements?
You must have at least a 2.0 GPA according to university policy. That is the only requirement. Beta Phi Delta is a unique fraternity in that our brothers and sisters do not profile potential members. We do not seek members who look like they fit a certain stereotype. We have a diverse group of brothers and sisters because we welcome everybody to our rush, and then seek out the potential members who have the right inner qualities to become a brother/sister.

Does Beta Phi Delta drink and party a lot?
We are a dry fraternity. This means that Beta Phi Delta as an organization does not drink. Individual brothers and sisters are free to drink and party on their own time, and many do so together. However, events hosted under our name are dry and funds from our accounts never go towards alcohol.

What kind of hazing does Beta Phi Delta do?
Beta Phi Delta does not haze.

What kind of commitment are we talking about?
Being a part of Beta Phi Delta is a commitment like being in any other organization. We are a family, and commitment is required to hold any family together. Pledging for Beta Phi Delta is like a four-five unit class. However, you will learn how to time manage more effectively than ever before while pledging for Beta Phi Delta. Many of our brothers’ and sisters’ GPAs increased after joining Beta.